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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Asem Asem Buncis

Another childhood food for me

I remember I ate this soup almost everyday for many many years without feel bored.
Just like another family who live in a very hot tropical country,
Clear soup becomes a "most" dishes to feed the family especially who has hyperactive kids.
We really need extra liquid to moist the rice.. (So it's easier to munch and to swallow)

Been a couple days I'm craving for soup with a different taste of the normal boring vegetable soup.
But can't afford to eat overly sharp Tom Yam.

When we walk around in the grocery store,  I found a good beef bone in the frozen section.
What a lucky...!!!
Immediately pick couple packs and boil it in the slow cooker to make a good broth.

This sweet-sour-spicy-soy-y soup becomes one of the weeknight dinner alternatives in our place.

- 1 pack of meaty beef bone (about 400 grams)
- 2 liter water
Boil on a slow cooker or low heat for couple hours

- 1 pack french bean, cut into 2 inches
- 1 carrot. Peel and slice
- 2 green tomatoes
- 1tbs tamarind juice
- 2 tbs sweet soy sauce ( Indonesian)

To sauted :
- 4 garlic, slices
- 1 big onion, slices
- 3 red chili, slices
- 1tbs cooking oil
-  Slice of galangal

sauted onion, garlic, chili and galangal. 
Add in beef broth leave it to boil.
Add in vegetable, soy sauce, tamarind juice. Cook till vegetable tender.
Add salt and pepper for a taste.


Another variation to replace a boring veggie soup for weeknight dinner..

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