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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Penang Weekend Getaway : Day 2

I totally got nothing to do,
Its your luck sit in front of me

2nd day in Penang where we planned to go to monkey beach, but end up with randomly taking a bus to somewhere we didn't even know what we're going to do there. The plan was just short random wander around, back to hotel, take some towel and bag to go to the beach. But we were end up waiting a-never-come-rapid-Penang. We were way too tired to go to the beach after a silly wander around and blister on our feet,
we went back to Gurney Drive to get come chilled beer.

Gurney Plaza next to G hotel is a convenient place to eat and drink.
A big shopping mall with some nice terrace to sit, watch and talk about people
Chilis, Michelangelo, Starbucks, Nandos, TGIF, Morganfield And many many many more. Can't decide where to eat, We just stop at the restaurant. One each...

Some munch

munch munch munch
Bruschetta and nice Italian meatballs fro Michelangelo Roasted chicken, Fajitas and chili fries from TGI Fridays And nice lambchop from Chilis. How do we move back to the hotel? WALK....!!!! We choose to walk to make the food run to the right place. Was a big meal though.

Gurney Plaza

talk talk talk

Evening cocktail at Eastern Oriental

A nice place, nice hotel, very quiet and peaceful.
Near to Padang Kota Lama too...!!!
The hotel interior reminds me of a Mayestic hotel in Kuala Lumpur, and Imperial Vung Tau.
Very old and colonial style.

Silly Around, Yes

Nice lounge and bar..
But no TV here, where we need to watch F-1

Decided to look for  some place which have a big TV screen

Stranded here....

At 4 pm we ran to Airport to catch up 5.30 flight back to Kuala Lumpur.
But oh well... Rainy makes our flight delay.
And we have to wait for another hour.

I couldn't find the flight schedule,
I got you donuts instead..

Was a nice short weekend trip..
We should do more, but apparently I can't.
I need to save $$ for another plan..

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