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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

June Round Up

June'2013 has been the busiest month ever
Travel around..? NO
Lot of party invitation...? Yes, but I have to say no thanks..

Big boy's 26th Birthday

11 June, Mr' Birthday.
We didn't make any party. He did, but I didn't join cos I have lots of school work to do,
beside of Graduate Project which due soon, exam, assignment, report and too much office work
With no assistant.. *sigghhh... Drive me mad

Rainbow cake at home

We didn't go for a picnic, or travel like a last year birthday
Reason : I have to stay at home and study..

Cover of my thesis before re-binding

I've been engaged too much with thesis these last four months.
Couldn't do anything except work and study.
Exercise...? Nope
Cinema..? Nope
Drink outside..? Nope
Being Fat..? Yes

Just being a nerdy girl with a lot of whining, complaining and swearing.
But I can't deny, this moment taught me a lot of things.
About life priority,  which party stands and support you, helps you, provide what you need as their best,
Which party only concern about their achievement without look at you already half dead doing it for them,
Which party is so opportunist, pretend not to understand your problem and use you.
Their principle is "As long as she still does it, let's force her to do it... ALONE"

I managed to finish it :)
I can breath freely and packed my stuff for BALIK KAMPONG

Kuala Lumpur ~ Before and After

West Malaysia, Singapore and some part of Sumatera island have changed from a nice friendly place into
giant smoked house.
Yes, smoked house.. Everything smells like bacon.
If you stay outside at least for 15 min, you can notice your clothes, your hair, your bag
Smells so smoky instead of a nice perfume.

We stay indoors with a lot of fans and air conditioning as much as we could.
The air outside is way too pollute can give you a headache and sore throat.

Pekanbaru, Riau burnt their forest for palm plantation.
Nobody could blame but the investors and the government.

I blame nobody, just non-stop whining... :P

Bakso and Lime Soda

Last night project was meatball soup a.k.a bakso
This meatball noodle soup been a fever in our house.
Mr made a big bunch of frozen beef broth so that we can have this awesome Indonesian bakso
anytime we want.

I don't know..
I can only arrange what we need to put in, but a nice broth is the key of good soup


sandalian said...

Happy birthday for the big boy!

I don't know if the smoke affected your place as well, not until I read your post :|

Don't forget to bring surgical mask wherever you go, kay?

Mrs said...

Thanks for the wishes Sandal,
the smoke is affect the whole semenanjung but of course the one in Pekanbaru is worse. Poor them...

The funny thing about people here, they complaint about the haze (180 epi)wear masks..
but then went inside smoking room, and happily smoke (520 epi)
and do mosquito fogging too

very educated people :)