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Friday, 15 March 2013

Langkawi Eating Place: Little Lylea Restaurant

Somewhere in Pantai Cenang

One of restaurant we found by the beach. I must be drunk or something.
We came to this restaurant twice.
At the first night when we have no idea about the place and one afternoon when we hungry to death after whole day swim and jetski.

Some Live band inside, doesn't really caught the customer's attention
Everybody busy enjoy the breeze and their chilled drink.

I was too busy slapping mosquito,
Yes, I forgot to put repellent on.. *ding

Its actually nice isn't it

Little Lylea have strategic and pretty location.
It could create a nice dining, in nice environment with nice people serve around instead or having not-that-cheap dinner in ransack area with half stoned waitress.

Draft tiger, heineken and carlsberg sold at RM 5 a glass.
Not bad price compared with oasis restaurant (RM 7.00)

When we checked the menu, food seems cheap for local dishes.
 Its around RM 6 - RM 12 for rice and noodle..
*fyi, there were only 4 asian dishes on the menu :-P
The rest were pasta (RM 22 above) and BBQ seafood,
lamb and beef (RM 35 above) Not cheap eh... almost same price with Chilis or TGIF.

Looking at the restaurant condition,.we were bit suspicious. If the waitress stoned, a big chance that the chef are at the same condition.
How would my steak turn like..??? errr...
ha ha.. after a while we decide to choose the cheapest food with reason if its fail we can just leave without grumble. If its good, we can order something else next time.
both of my food came ok, bit disappointing. My tomatoes has caterpillar bite on it.. (Glad not the caterpillar on my food).

our lunch


Dinner with sands on feet by the beach remind me with perhentian Island (Perhentian has better shape tho) nice and romantic.
I just feel shame, this restaurant has a strategic area.

High potential to look nicer if both the owner and worker put little effort to clear up
those dead branch, dry twigs and leaves. Tidy up the fence, clean up broken concrete and construction.waste, plastic, cup noodle container,
paint the wall, give enough sunlight and air, and maybe... repair the broken furniture too..
I spot way too many thing that could done better rather than ignored.
I guess we would never visit that place again unless they do some renovation. Or at least, clean up the dirt lah.....
we will go next door instead in Rafii Restaurant.

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