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Friday, 22 March 2013

Langkawi Trip Day 4: Black Sands Beach

On the last Day in Langkawi before we go to airport to back to Nasty Kuala Lumpur

Our flight was around 5pm that night, and we have plenty spare time after check out from hotel.
We decide to just leave the luggage at concierge and roam around with bike to kill the time.

Since we are not fan of Museum and all their friends, we  decide to check what is black sands beach.
Yeah, the sign about black sands beach are everywhere.. we thought it must be interesting to visit.

Took us around forever to reach there..

Kind of disappointing,
Black sands beach is like only 20 meter long narrow beach, with murky water and fishing boat park around.

nothing we can do beside of check, couple snap of pictures and leave

totally not worth a visit

there are a board with short explanation the legend of black sands beach
but I believe the black color came from pollution of the cement factory back behind the beach

Not much thing this area, then we decide to back to Cenang for lunch and leaving.

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