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Monday, 4 March 2013

Langkawi Accommodation : Sunset Beach Resort

Jalan Pantai Cenang
(Walking distance to Zon duti free)

I can said this place is very convenient when we stay  in Langkawi.
Everything reachable withing walking distance.
Start from duti free shop, eating place, cheap bar, motorbike rent, quiet beach and sports area.

I was plan to stay some place near sandy beach resort or tanjung malie, but I thought it going to be
very crowded and noisy coz those area have so many bar, sports centre and backpacker place.

The entrance of the resorts.
All green and friendly.
Seems really quiet like nobody stay here, but actually all the room are occupied.
I guess they purposely create a quiet environment for the guest to get privacy and relax.

Nothing really disappointing here, all get A- mark.

Start from toilet, bed, air-conditioning,  water heater and hot shower ALL CLEAN AND work nicely.
The room was ready long time before we check-in. They even spray with ridsect (Mosquito spray) and switch on the airconditioning earlier.

Sheets are clean too. they change it each day without we asked.

Just the pillow is bit hard and give me neck pain.

I like the decoration in this resort,
ceramic glasses, pot, flower vase looks like handmade and imported from somewhere (ahem... Indonesia)

Open air toilet and shower... NICE...!

Birds watching us while we do the business..
Can chit chat too :-P

Garden was built in a nice concept.

Lush greenery..
But I could see that the management do not bother to train the employee to maintain the area.
Dead branch, leaves and twigs everywhere.

Teak wood on their ceiling, furniture, wood carving decoration and some exterior need to polish (I guess they never polished it, since the first time they build the place)
i know coz my house made from wood..

I want to complaint a bit about breakfast.
Breakfast provide by the resort is very simple and limited option.
I only see basket of bulk bread, 4 trays of fruits, 1 tray local food (fried beehoon), 2 container of cereal, coffee and tea.
Each guests also offered 2 eggs with cooking option either scramble, omelette, hard boil or soft boil.

We can't even order nasi goreng kampong, mie goreng mamak, or roti canai (I really wish.. and I believe guest would happier if the breakfast have several variation with some charge)
I don't mind to pay ala carte on food I order, rather than eating same eggs everyday (bisul you know...!)

What a shame hotel's restaurant do not operate on lunch, dinner or simple selling beer for the guests.
The building become useless once after breakfast finish.

those root hanging here and there make it look even old.
trim.. trim... trim...!!!!!

My view every morning during breakfast

this view make the resort bit expensive

Left view... A nice water with pregnant maiden island on the middle.

you can imagine that is giant woman lied on the sea, 
with two bump was breast and tummy
(the head covered by other island)


Anonymous said...

HI which room did you stay in?
What was the rate given?
Are there any tour packages arranged by the resort and what are the prices? Also,is it recommended to rent a car?

Mrs said...

Hi there, this is the old picture when Sunset Beach Resort haven't split into two, and half sold to Berjaya. Last month, I went there again. We were stay at the cheapest room on the alley toward the beach. Its RM 190++ The room is nicer, the arrangement is better, and still have their clean and pretty quiet beach to lazy around