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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Langkawi Eating Place : Oasis Restaurant

Pantai Cenang

We had lunch at Oasis restaurant twice,
At the first day we arrive and the last day we need to back to Kuala Lumpur.

Beside of locate just next to the hotel, 
we reckon Oasis restaurant has the most sensible food we ever found there.
(*Mr call it close to real food)
But the beer not so cheap compared to other Bar. RM 7 for draft Tiger and Carlsberg. RM 9 for White beer.

Twice we went there, the waiter are sober and dress "ok".
Area was ok too...
Next by beach and quite clean too.

Restaurant has two specialty, Indian (Yellow menu) and Western + Local dishes (White menu)
Each day they only serve one colour , according to the chef working shift to avoid food error.

First day lunch

To be honest, I like the cheese mixed with some Indian herbs, wrapped in some sheets and deep fried.
Greasy but I can't help it taste good. Not cheap for food in Cenang area, it was RM 19.00 for 4 pieces of tiny cheese.

Tandoori chicken pizza was satisfying too, soft pizza base and generous filling of tandoori chicken and cheese (RM 21.00) good value for good pizza.

After so much bad experience in every bar and restaurant, finally we back to Oasis for our last lunch in Langkawi.

Like usual, food came in the way we expected it going to be.
My Mojito was nice (RM 16++),  Mr' Long Island Ice Tea wasn't enough alcohol in it (RM 16++)
Fish & Chips taste good, just not enough fish for such a big person like me (RM 22++)
Chicken Satay was great too (RM 15++)

All over the price we pay are worth the food we ate, and no complaint from us about the food quality.
But again, I always wonder with most of people in Langkawi,
they were not bother to clear up dry leaves, tidy up the bushes or branch,
trim overgrown trees or repaint the building to make it look more appetizing than just leave it shady.

Don't forget the nice view around the area...
Its worth try 

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