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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Langkawi Trip Day 3: Pantai Cenang and Their Area

It was still very early when we went to Cenang Beach,
The sun wasn't that hot and the beach still empty.
Just couple beach boy start arrange beach chair and umbrella to rent out.

We try to find a place for breakfast, but can't be bother.
Lie down on lazy chair instead, watching people walk around.

Cenang has a nice beach, just not many beach bar around.

Along the beach people rent out jetski, banana boat, parasailing, motor boat and many 
water sport

Jelly fish seen washed on sea shore, really turn off.
We also saw the alive one when we play with Jetski.

4wd car coming back and forth pick up people for parasailing.
Do I dare to try...? HELL NO...!!!!

In the afternoon after Jetski like crazy we decide to just lazy on the chair and 

Forgot to mention that Langkawi is one of the island in Malaysia where sea eagle living,
nesting and eating freely.

Nothing much I can wrote, but the picture explain how enjoyable the beach is...
YES..? :-P

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