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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Langkawi Trip Day 2 : We Rent Scooter..!!

At the 2nd day in Langkawi, we plan to explore around the island.
Langkawi is quite small, we can round whole island just for couple hours.

After breakfast we we decide to rent motorbike instead of car.
We choose scooter provided by happymart in Cenang.
The shop is just on the right side from Sunset Beach Resort.
Actually there were plenty place provide motorbike for rent, but we saw Happy Mart have lot of brand new scooter to rent.

We paid RM 70 for 2 days used.
Fuel for this bike is cheap too, approx RM 5 for full tank
and we don't even need to refill after ride in the whole island.

we are ready to conquer the island lol... :P

There were not much thing to see in Langkawi.
Since we are not fan of visiting Museum, building and theme park.
Not much nice beaches around the area.


Any cheap stuff we can buy...?

So we just motorbike along the road enjoy the greenery.
we checked Kuah Jetty area and had some drink in yacht club, then straight away ride back.
Lunch was a confusing too. I guess because we have no idea which restaurant are open which one closed. From the main road, most of restaurant seems closed.
Only several Seafood Malay and Chinese restaurant open, but that is not really interesting too.

Mr interviewed the waiter..
"Did you showered and shampoo-ed this morning..?"

Waiter said : The last time I touch shampoo was Christmas eve 2011

Last for half dead hungry people, we stop at Breakfast bar and ordered chicken rice, juice and coffee.
Chicken Rice came ok (RM 5.50), coffee came ok too with sugar and milk served separate (RM 3.00), Mango Juice was bottled cordial mixed with water and ice (RM 4.00).
However the bill came amazingly, RM 27 for the food we ate.
Again the waiter was look stoned, some of them have dreadlocks hairstyle and watching us weird. I keep guessing maybe I was the only nerd person enter their area.

We can't think much but back to the hotel for rest, drink and nap.
After beer- grocery in duty free shops, we just straight away back to hotel.
We need to stay up whole night for Dinner and watch Man U games at 11pm then Rugby afterward.

We were tired after roam around almost half of the island.....

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