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Friday, 19 October 2012

Pho : Vietnamese Beef Noodle

Publika- Solaris Dutamas

I know.. I know... we've promised to eat at home.
We've promised to consume good quality- healthy- home cooking only
But.. but.. but...
Both of us caught by flue since last couple days,
and we need to get some brothy-spicy-soupy to clean the "canal" out..
(*read : snot)

Seems like unfortunate for us,
in a hot-afternoon, after Mr pick me from office. We drove almost all over Kuala Lumpur.
Look for decent Vietnamese restaurant just to slurp Pho.

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup.
Start from Little Saigon, in Jalan Imbi => closed
Another Vietnam kitchen in Changkat => closed
Pho Hoa The Curve => can't be bother with the traffic
Finally we give up and back to the start... Restaurant downstairs..
The Social just open couple weeks ago in Publika Square.
same area with our fave place : Ben's
We just decide to give a try for beef noodle here.

we have The Social here,
we don't have to drove around to Bangsar, fight with traffic jam and get mad look for parking lot.

same menu.. same price..

they have stuff I like...
(hopefully taste same..!)

and Food we look for

Finally we had beef noodle which is not so Vietnamese,
but the taste was similar,
and very good too.

The broth is rich with flavour but not so greasy (mean they use lot of lean meat and bone instead of
fat and some "irresponsible" animal spare part.

Different with Vietnamese Pho which has clear colour broth, Thai style has brownish which is mean they sauteed the ingredient and spices before boiled.

Taste : 90% similarity

was a nice beef noodle soup

Gyoza for side dish..

I think this is the fifth time I ate this Japanese dumpling.
And I still don't like it.
It's too garlicky and Gingery...

Chinese style dumpling (wantan, siu may , dim sum) taste better in my tongue..

I guess I forgot why we were here,
once I saw Nachos on menu I will just happily order it.

Taste same with Nachos in Social Bangsar Village.
Love the coffee and ice lemon tea too 
(well, our home-made lemon tea taste better...!)

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