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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Home Cooking Fried Rice.. woohoooo

Chicken Shrimp Fried Rice

This is my 2nd time of cooking fried rice, myself...
*with lot of inspection of course..

I was offered myself to cook for last night dinner,
to give him a "day off" for rest and watch TV.
After office we went for grocery to decide what we going to put inside.

we had :
- tiger prawn
- chicken stripes

the vegetable cook separate, stir fried style..

The white version,
no sweet soy sauces but I add in oyster sauces instead.
taste better and  we just need less salt.

Taste : almost perfect.. the tester said : this is good fried rice  *cing...  ;-)

First version,
we put in :
- Chicken
- Tiger Prawn
- Peas
- Corn
- Carrot

more colourful but I was too creative and add in BBQ sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and tabasco,
taste..? ho ho ho ho ho ho
don't want to say...

look good right...?

lot of prawn and chicken bites,
but I cook the prawn too long make it very chewy and not easy to eat


not bad cooking

I improve my skills a lot, hehehehehhe....


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