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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Laksa by Bens

Ben's Cafe and Restaurant
Solaris Dutamas

Another eating out at Ben's
I know we should start cooking at home,
but tiring week and weekend after whole day class. We can't be bother to cook...
Both of us tired and exhausted,and tomorrow will just another hectic Monday.

We just take everything easy on Sunday evening.
Just stay outside,
enjoy the evening.. watch kids play around near the park,
and read some book (I read facebook)

Mr enjoy his cold beer and I enjoy my own thing.

my nice latte..
with flower draw on it :-)

this is how I like my coffee
just like how I like my man

brown, tall and rich :-)

they serve my drink in a pasta jar..
cute and creative

remind my childhood where I like to shake my soda and ice
coz we don't have bartender-like shaker

Pasta swim in pesto sauce
RM 19++

Generous in amount of sauce,
generous in amount ofbasil leaves and cheese.
creamy but not too salty

everything came in a nice shape and makes me very happy..
The portion is huge enough to fee two adult

There is an option to add in some roasted chicken, chicken stripes or seafood in the
pesto but I like my pasta plain just like that.

Curry Laksa
Rm 25++

the most expensive curry laksa I ever seen in Kuala Lumpur

The gravy is very very very rich,
not sure how much the cholesterol, transfat and all of those bad stuff.
But believe me.. it is very yummyyyy.....

oh well,
it's weekend and we can add in extra centimeters in waistline I guess..

sleep early tonight :-)

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