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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Perhentian Island 6 : Beer in Chinese Restaurant

PP Chinese Restaurant
It just next to coral view island resort

Terengganu and Kelantan is a place where the islamic law applied
more strict than other state in Malaysia where we can't really find a place to buy alcohol.

Also Perhentian Island, where some of the resort not even served alcohol.
Tourist here seems very understand and respect the law where I saw nobody tried to drink alcohol
in the place where they put sign "Please no alcohol"

Me and MR went out to afternoon walk and we saw a Carlsberg Banner  waving around from one
old, shady, dirty wooden house.
We thought it going to be very expensive but the heat, the sun, the humid, the waves and the vacation
air was tickle us too much and we got no choice but give some try out
with promised if it expensive then we only buy one can each and walk away.

BBB : Beer, Book and Beach

view from the restaurant toward our chalet

The food price is exactly same with the food price in every resort and hotel.
it doesn't matter how good  or simple the place is.

seafood not really cheap even its an island with plenty sea around


because we are in conservation area where all the creature not mean to catch and eat.
All the restaurant who want to cook seafood has to ride motor boat to Kuala Besut and buy from fisherman there.

a very simple counter area but become the most favourite place in the area

for sure they stop for beer and cigarette only. So far I didn't see people eat here.
(I checked the kitchen and toilet, horrible.. lol)

simple plastic chair and some uneven table by the sands..

so yeah, this place is happy enough to drink beer in the afternoon. But not for meal :)


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