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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Heart Shout of The Month

New semester has started about 3 weeks ago,
and like other 3rd semester students everything work so tough and miserable.

I gamble with myself,
put my health, my work, my GPA result and my SANITY as a bet (not sure which one will win, which one will lose)
I take 4 subject this semester + 5 1/2 working days a week.

Crazy I know,
some people don't believe that I have to work on Saturday morning, leave office at 12.30pm
Bus-ing + monorail-ing  + taxi-ing from my office to reach the Uni.
Sprint lunch, just swallow on whatever I could, gulp gallon of water and sit in the class.
Tried to catch up whatever I missed during morning class.

Everytime I do this, I just pray hard I won't get any heart attack cause of never ending panic.
After 6 pm, then I have to rush home to continue whatever assignment, slides, or practice for Sunday presentation.

Another repeat whole day class on Sunday....

Sunday after class is always the best time ever, Mr will pick me or wait me at home and we went to shopping, dinner out, or just evening beer. Followed by movie, wine and lazy couch....
No book need to touch on Sunday night :-)

Wednesday night, 
two more days to two crazy group project. 
My body feel awful, same feeling like I just hit by truck or excavator.
My back pain killing me,
But I have no choice but stare at my old laptop and keep searching, thinking, typing, arranging..

I just hope I can stay on the ground with my own feet till the end of the study,
and able to move faster.
On my age which is almost 30 (counting week ahead) I have no valuable investment under my name.

No shares, no stocks, no currency, no gold bars, no farmland, no island, no yatch, no car,  not even tiny kancil or saga.
So far I only have my camera and facebook account as my lifetime treasure...
worth alot NO?  

keep me writing and searching,
and print a good cases report...


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