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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Menu For Hari Raya Aidil Adha

Hari Raya Qurban,
Qurban / kurban = sacrifice
is a celebration where the muslim all over the world, who has extra money to do sacrifice..
they will slaughter 4 legs animal and distributed the meat to the poor.
Not any 4 legs animal ok... but animal we used to eat (Cow, Camel, Lamb, Goat, Buffalo)
No Elephat or Kangaroo slaughtered for hari raya...
And other part of muslims go to Mecca (in bloody saudi) for Haj
I wonder why God have to put the holly city for prayer in Saudi.
Doesn't he understand they already rich from the oil,
why we have to go there and give them lot of money from visa, hotel, food, airlines, souvenir
plenty things..!!!
(don't bother me... I am bad, lol.. complaint about anything)
We are lucky this year Hari Raya is on Friday, means we have long weekend
continue with Friday, Saturday and Sunday no class...
Awesome isn't it...?
From the beginning we do not plan to have some vacation because I am way too tired to do anything.
Add in my body let me caught by fever and I have to sleep for the whole Friday.
So we just stay at home and take everything easy.
But still, we try to cook some kampong dishes to get the Hari Raya atmosphere in the house
in a very simple way

our brunch on Hari Raya Morning

Chicken Rendang
1 Kg fresh cut chicken (got it from wet market) clean it, discharge the excess skin and fat.
5 bird eye chili
1/2 packet coconut milk
Garlic & Onion
2 packet of ready to cook rendang spices  =P
**cook according the packet direction



Fried Tempe
is a must
high protein, low calories,
make you stay young

stir fried tofu with black pepper and oyster sauce
an experimental cooking which tur not bad

stir friend kailan, bean sprout and minced beef

Bihun salad with spicy peanut sauces...

Good Village Food..
 Taste?  too blend or way too strong for outsider tongue
Sometimes the ingredient are just too strange  heheheheheh..... I understand that...
if you are new to Indonesian food, I will suggest to have Nasi Padang where most of the way of cooking bit similar with Malaysian curry just bit more spicy.
 easier in our tongue..
a fresh cut pineapple from downstairs to cleanse the throat
 and relax..
with bubble tea, dessert and Food channel
GOOD DAY OFF, NO...........?

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