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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Perhentian Island 4 : The Restaurant

Sri Tanjung Restaurant
Belong to Coral Bay View Island Resorts


Many people said that Perhentian Island's food are very expensive.
Well, maybe it was couple years ago when not many investor came and open business here.

Yes, we are agree the food price in Perhentian is not as cheap as the food on the land. 
But I still feel it's quite normal...
not like umm.... RM 34++ for Char Kwey Teou, something like we paid in Hyatt.

some of the food and the price,
range from RM 6.00 - RM 15.00

not bad..

Bihun Curry  RM 12 nett

came in a decent place and taste...

bihun radna (bihun kung-fu) or whatever the name
RM 15 nett

plenty prawn and squid

Jumbo Smoothie RM 18
which can satisfied two adult 

quite good.. and tasteful

this stuff is not worth...

low skilled of marinating, grilling and presenting western food...
salad was looks like wilted leaves..
squid was chewy like an old tyre..
beef also

nothing went right on that food 

my dinner on the other night when we had sands storm
complete fried rice RM 8 nett

(lucky Mr has a sixth sense, when he asked me to move inside.
People were look at us with weird eyes, why we bother to move inside when dinner under full moon
was very sweet and romantic..

around 15 minutes after, all the rice, steak, salads and BBQ pit filled with sands..

we were so happy watching them suffer from the sandy food.

Sizzling steak on (I forgot the price)
around RM 30 

*happy face,  watch party was chaos by sands storm followed by heavy rain

Breakfast set,
bean on toast, sausages, fruit platter RM 15
came with cup of coffee and fresh juice
(the real fresh squeezed oranges)

the cheaper version RM 12 nett

2 soft boiled egg, French toast,
coffee and orange juice (cordial)


overall the food was ok and decent,
the price not so freaking out, where we can budget ourselves how much and what we going to eat  to survive in the island.

The service was good,
most of the worker were not local. I reckon they from Myanmar and Thailand.
Friendly, nice and polite..
Just I guess the chef were not skilled enough to cook western or maybe they couldn't get a good quality meat
from the land to bring around to island.

I still suggest to order local food than tried to force yourself eat in western style.
not worth...

what I like about this restaurant is they have my fave drink :TEH TARIK

will go here again..?   YES
will eat here again...?    YES

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