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Monday, 17 September 2012

Pecel : Javanese Style Salad In Peanut Sauce

Pecel, Pecal,
Pecal Sayuran

*sayuran means vegetable

If you asked Indonesian, most of them will know what pecel is.
Traditional food based on boiled vegetable and spicy peanut sauces originated from Javanese community in Central Java then become popular all over Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

We can find it from street stall up to high class restaurant.

For me, pecel is the easiest way to enjoy the benefit of tropical vegetable
(Spinach, water spinach and all those boring greeny stuff)

In one hot Sunday me and my sister cook pecel for our lunch,

we had :
- Julienne Carrot
- Bean Sprout
- Spinach
- Water Spinach
- Fried Tofu and Tempe
- Rice Crackers

Just boil or steam them
*don't over cooked it

Easy, yes..
Delicious, yes..
Full of Vitamin, yes..
Good for daily diet and fibre intake, yes..
Low Calories? not really, I love this food with deep fried stuff and chips as the company..

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