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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Cherating : Holiday Villa

Cherating is one convenience beach spot in East Coast Malaysia.
for us who crave for clean beaches, clear water with not so many people around.

Cherating is not as develop as Telok Cempedak or Port Dickson,
we have to drive accross kampong  and the hotel surounded by local community.
FYI : Don't expect any pub or drinking place around the area (but there must be, one or two heheheh)

After 2-3 hours driving from Kuala Lumpur, finally we are here..
Eastern Pavillion Holiday Villa.
Nothing really special about the hotel, just the price is cheap enough to stay as often as we could.
From Agoda promotion we paid around Rm 150++ for room only.

for people who can't be bothered to drive, you may take the private transfer.
Or for cheaper option is to take bus from Kuala Lumpur to Kemaman, and stop on the way (in front of the hotel) or take taxi from kemaman.

The Room,

Quite standard, clean and cozy.
Not as big as Hyatt in Kuantan, but fine.
Bring mosquito repellent since too many mosquito during the night,
well it's understandable since the place is very close to the nature :-)

we have pool view and our private balcony

minimum towel

clean swimming pool
OKE lah...

then Mr start questioning me.
I have better swimming pool but never bothered to swim, but whenever we on vacation I always too excited about the swimming pool.
Weird eh..?

behind me is the Deluxe Chalet
I guess more even more mosquito there... lol

nice environment and relaxing

the beach is so-so

can't swim or walk around with bikini
(not appropriate here :-)

couple shot around the beach while waiting Mr finish his beach run
I regret brought many things to beach, where I can't join to run. I have to stay to watch the belonging...

Morning walk

Nice places to relax,
but not stay for more than 2 night. Holiday Villa is way too boring if you travel alone,
or you don't have car to roam around.

There should be several activity such as bird watching, mangrove trip, and quad bike riding.
But we didn't go there..
tooo many mosquitooo....


sanctuaryresortmalaysia said...

This Place looking such a cool..

cherating hotels

Mrs said...

It is nice place, but the shower and toilet bit disappointing