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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Perhentian Island : Day 1

We got a good cheap Air Asia ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu.
Yes, we plan to go to Perhentian Island, a place where everybody always talked but I never been there.
Thanks to my best friend, to spare his time to send me there (I will only know Langkawi, if you don't show me)

Thursday Night, we took last flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu (approx 1 hr),
we stayed one night in Dinasty Inn recommended by one of our friend.
It wasn't as shiny as Renaissance or Marriot, but it pocket friendly for us.
RM 150 nett for 1 Deluxe room + 2 bfast
*Superior room should only RM 108, but we were arrive late so the hotel cancel my booking (sigh..)

notices to the beer drinker
Kelantan is very Islamic states where we can't really find a place selling alcohol freely,
but we still can have in a-not-so-expensive in Chinese restaurant.
We went to one of them, where the restaurant just next to Grand Riverview Hotel. It was just 10 minutes walking distances from Dinasty inn, walk toward the river.
Operated by Thai Family, they cook me a good bihun radna (bihun ladna, or bihun kungfu) a noodle cooked in thick egg-y gravy with lot of seafood, chicken bits, meat and veggie.

p.s I wore these clothes since yesterday morning in KL, last night in Kota Bharu and today evening in Perhentian Island

my room,

basic, clean, nice and comfy

nothing really special... but I really appreciated with friendly services and the cleanliness.


 not much choice but hey... it's complimentary better I appreciate it rather than run around in a strange place look for a food..

I like the people in this hotel. They are friendly and polite. 

After say Goodbye, we take taxi from KB-Kuala Besut Jetty Point (approx 1 hr, MYR 70-80)
According the likeness, normal price is RM 75
ENCIK SYAIFUL 013 9367 511
he will drive you from/for Kuala Besut to Airport
in his brand new taxi (not the old square pants)


I never been to Kelantan before, 
this place is amaze me. How different with Kuala Lumpur
(some people answer my statement with : of course, lot of kampong  in Kelantan, also in other states I believe amaze you because KL is bandar and you compared with kampong)

You are wrong,
in Kelantan I didn't see palm plantation.
(well, as long as I took 1 hour taxi from Kota Bharu to Kuala Besut)

they have real coconut trees...
remind me with my grandmother'village, where most of the place covered with coconut trees

beautiful view..
so I bet this states has more squirrel than monkeys

no palm plantation pleaseeeeee...... so uglyyyyyyy......

upon arrival to the Jetty, we were bit upset because we missed the first boat
(first boat 9am)
so... next time, please get yourself bit hurry and walk faster..
not keep snoozing on the bed.

Boat transfer RM 35/ person / way

we have to purchase this ticket to conserve the coral and beautiful fishes...

Crowded Jetty
very happening

with too many white people around..

The Boat

my best friend
filling up the amunition..
(in my lunch bag..!!!)

I am get too excited about this trip

we go to Island.. we go to Island, we go to Island....
ho ho ho ho ho ho.......!!!!

the Journey took around 1 hour from Kuala Besut Jetty to Perhentian Island
all the way around you will entertained by blue colour water.

super clean...

is that our resort...? woooo hoooo

water taxi

actually not.
I made mistakes..

My resort is coral view island, and the first stop of the boat was coral bay.
I wasn't really understood, i thought both were same place. So I took off in coral bay..
But actually totally different place..

When we realize,
we have no choice but took water taxi from coral bay to coral view
RM 15 pp

yes, a bit.. :'(
I can buy 6 cans of pringles with RM 30 which I waste for water taxi.. my bad...!!!!

This is the common mistakes for the first timer in Perhentian Island.
Where they got too excited looking at clear blue water,
and they just jump out of the boat without asked the driver is it the place of their resort..

That is our resort...

we have 3 exciting days ahead...


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