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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Perhentian Island 3 : Tuna Bay and Shark Reef

In a sunny afternoon

we walk around to another side of the beach in Pulau Perhentian Besar
Besar = Big

Tuna Bay
clear sky, hot sun..
camera test

found a good angle..

then I post myself there..

one more shot

shark reef during low tide
many people said if you pee there, the shark will come after you within 15-30 minutes
and swim around.


another self posting


can't get enough take picture here..

Mr ask me to try the water, but I was so scared with the shark

I am in paradise..

Try to be cute, but fail.. haha


last pict before we look for cold drink and something to munch

It's getting dark and we argue what time to back to the resort..
After 7pm, water taxi charged us double price and we can't be bother to do jungle trekking again
it's dark and the mozzy as size as Buffalo

so we just sat here in restaurant deck
and enjoy the colour change on the sky


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