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Friday, 14 September 2012

Perhentian Island 2 : Coral Bay View Island Resort

Pulau Perhentian Besar
Terengganu, Malaysia

Coral View Island Resort was our last option when we tried to book a place.
We thought we going to take either Abdul Chalet or Tuna Bay Resort.

We were bit suspicious because this place is not famous at all and from water taxi stop (the place where the boat drop us off) the place look not so appealing.

But after check-in and step into the chalet area we feel so lucky.
The Chalet is worth more than what we expected.

The Seaview area

our chalet on top of that hill with lot of stairs
very quiet during day and night
just me and squirrel

the scary stairs with lot of water tap around make us easier to clean up sandy feet and sandals

the chalet from aerial view

The Room,
Good and satisfying

The bed is clean, pillow fresh, all sheet fresh, the blanket not thick enough, air conditioning very noisy, 
I didn't see any ants or bugs roam around in the room (means the housekeeping really do their work)

No hot shower here, but it's ok
our skin will full of sunburn later on, we will need icy cold shower only to soothe it

Indoor balcony or living room,
don't know what should I call..

I guess in any emergency case I can put emergency bed here and put the extra guest here.
Creative, no..?

view of outdoor balcony from indoor terrace

the outdoor balcony

is the place where I have my rest, read my book (more to facebook actually)
munch my pringles and chat around with the squirrel


our new friend

two of them

Langkawi Island and most of the resort places have too many monkeys,
I am very glad that Perhentian only have squirrel.
Once they are cute, second they less dangerous than monkey.
*did you ever heard people got attacked by squirrel

the restaurant

on the deck

by the beach :-)

view from our resort..

if you notice lot of small boat park at the similar place that is the place where sea turtles come down for seaweed
*I never know turtle eat seaweed, what I know my turtle last time ate turtle food only :-P

The dark spot on the blue colour is coral reef, What I did most of the day is snorkeling with bag of chips.
Sprinkle the chips around, and fish will come to you. In any colour.
More you go to deeper area, the fish more beautiful. Then you can start take a good picture of very colourful water creature.

Just don't stay too close with parrot fish, as they sometimes try to bite your skin
Hurt you know....

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