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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Delicious Midvalley

Ground Floor, Mid Valley Mega Mall
(connecting way from Mid Valley to The Gardens)

Afternoon is not perfect without eating out
(**an excuse because we were too lazy to cook)
The day was really hot, and both of us need to go shopping (again)
well.. Mr need to get new shoes for trekking and I need...,,,,,,,
(I will make up what I need later on when I see it... but of course I will need something to buy he he)

cute bird cage printed on the napkin :-)

chilled white wine for appetizer and desert

perfect for hot day

Delicious  is kind of indoor-outdoor restaurant,
we sat under the shade and enjoy the breeze while we sip our coffee or munch the bread..
I like the place because it's outdoor, I can watch people around and Mr can smoke too..

The furniture also not a formal dining table and chair,
but more to couch, sofa and outdoor chair..
very comfy and friendly


Meatballs Bolognese
RM 23++

It is very yummy, cheesy, hearty, meaty and heavy...
the sauces is fresh and I can taste the sweetness of cherry tomatoes here.

Meat is very generous too..
I am the big eater can't even finish it.. I have to transfer some of the balls to Mr' plate

After mixed.. :-)

*oh mak kita... how many centimeter extra tummy I will gain...

tiny bowl of salad as side dish of lasagna
*too small, doesn't really help for my fiber intake

Nice Lasagna,
another heavy packed for lunch..
Generous with sauces and meat too..
not too salty,
everything come in nice package

taste nice, worth the price too..
RM 20++

Total damage was not that much,
should keep the receipt next time for reference.

It was a heavy comforting meal. I like how Delicious restaurant give the portion, its huge you know...
Now we are full and tired,
still decided either we continue shop around or just go home and take a nap..

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