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Friday, 1 June 2012

Chili on Instagram

Been a month I am begging for home made chili,
Mr Traveler promise me he will cook once after he back from Everest.
Since then almost everyday I remind him about the chili,

"I want chilis.. but home made one.."
"Nachos in Social used to be my favourite, but it taste weird nowadays..."
"So, when we will cook chili again..?"



I think his ear start bleeding, and finally he said..

OKE...!!!!!   WE COOK CHILI TONIGHT...!!!!

yooo hooo.....
I start imagine where I will put my chili on..
Bowl of Bashmati Rice..
Jacket potatoes..
Warm Tortilla...

really can't wait to go home to start cooking it..

When I reach home, all the ingredient already there. 
Mr Traveler took an effort to do grocery shopping.
He know, if he asked me to do I will spent hours and end up brought home a stuff which not far
from Pringles, Eggs, Steak and Potatoes.. lols

wminced meat
kidney bean
onion, garlic, and seeded red chili pepper

Key Success Factor :

High Skilled Chef

Sautef Onion, Garlic and Seeded Red Chili together until soft,
Add in Minced beef
until cooked

Add in tomato pure, tomato cubes, and all the friends

Leave it on fire with little bubbly
the longer you cook, the awesomer the taste (correct grammar, no?)
ouch.. yumm yumm...

meanwhile you can watch Game of Throne you've downloaded before..

sprinkle on top of Tortilla Chips and Cheese...

baked for 20 minutes...

served with dollop of sour cream,

You have wonderfull Cheesy Nachos...!

Baked some Jacket Potatoes..

Squeeze it

You Have this awesome dinner..


Thank You for the effort.
You are the best friend ever..!


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