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Saturday, 23 June 2012


Alone at Home

I had exam today, Accounting Analysis
Three hours sat and watch spreadsheet is already make my eyes crossed
additional with bunch of case I need to related with the number.
Don't know how many times I've been whining, complaining, mourning, grieving about how hard this month is. And how hard this semester is...
I could only said : Ewwhhh...... Ewwwh.... Ewwykkkkk *puke

But glad it's almost done.
One more exam tomorrow, then I can shut down my mind and have total rest for couple days
and step on my 3rd Semester.

After whining and complaining in every post I upload,
now I feel grateful I didn't give up and choose to register back to study.
Even though it's a repeat, where I have to start again from zero..

Many people around me, include my previous classmates said :
Why Do I bother to repeat the study I've been quit.
Repeat..? what a waste..!
You are almost 30, you should have family, not keep keep yourself busy with study, and study, and study,
you will get old in the school... then too late to have kid, then you grow old alone,
etc etc etc...

I just smile at them,
I have no point to explain to them.
No matter how much I explain, they would never understand.

I withdrew all the money I save, I keep enrol...
and now...

Without I realized, I am on my 3rd semester soon.
And with blinking eyes, I will graduate very soon too....  :)

I am alone at home,
Mr went to run and training,
he will join Penang Marathon next couple months.
After exam I keep stay at home, don't want to join.. I need to save my energy for tomorrow.
(*too lazy to join the training he he he, weather too hot outside...)

So yeah,  
I feed myself with this good looking instant noddle.
Don't ask me how much calories inside, I am super hungry, super tired, and super lazy..

But I am promised to myself,
tomorrow after the last exam, 
When I have more free time..
I will start run and swim again, and watch the food I eat.

I need to shape my body back..

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