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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mushroom Pasta

taken with Samsung Galaxy W

I can't believe June is just around the corner, means my final exam is just counting the days.
All assignment and report's due date too..
Ewwwh.... crazy busy day ahead.

But I enjoyed my business so far,
I love how I could pass my day with finishing several job and checklist rather than 
my days just pass with emptiness.

And tonight I add my life story with my own home made cooking =)
Been many days I am crazy about white button mushroom,
and I put it i every dishes I cook.
Omelette, Noddle, Salad, Sauce.. everything with mushroom

Bought another packet white button mushroom on my way home from office,
and make quick inspection on the fridge.
I could only found eggs, a jar of bolognaise sauce, frozen minced and garlic.

Think to made a proper bolognaise pasta tonight, but too lazy to wait till
the minced defrost.
So yeah......., I have emergency pasta...
Not as great as Mr Traveller's home cooking, but it keep me survived when I am alone at home.

Served myself bowl of pasta, paired with glass of red wine,
now I am ready to finish my 10 years balance shit sheet.

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