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Monday, 4 June 2012

Minimum Steak


No class, no work, no travel...
and I am not battle in assignment or fever...
stay at home and allow myself to be lazy
EXAM..? still next two weeks lah.. can allow myself to be lazy lah...

OW...WO.. WO...
weekend with do nothing


This weekend have my sister came down from Penang to spent time with me.
Both of us agreed that we wont go anywhere but home, mamak restaurant, and groceries place.
Anything in walking distance.
She is been crazy with her new office and project too..

For whole two days we lazy-ing ourselves where we left the house just to reload chips stocks only.

100 % lazy 
 breakfast in front of TV
not even clear up my cosmetic thing

Totally lazy, till I can't  be bother to go down to pick up some milk
or bread, or went down for coffee, 
or sit on the restaurant to eat some Nasi Lemak or roti telur

I can only crawl from bed to fridge and cook whatever I left there..
so yeah...
we have steak for breakfast.
With mashed potatoes and steam carrot.
Served with hot chocolate..
(She drink her hot chocolate, I drink my wine straight)

she doesn't complaint.. 
so, I bet it taste OK

time to back on the couch, being lazy and watch Discovery Channel...


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