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Friday, 8 June 2012

Ben's Cafe Publika

Solaris Dutamas

This is the problem if you live in an apartment attached with shopping centre,
business centre, and hang out centre.
Everything can reach just by 5 minutes walk.
The temptation to eating out and spend all the pocket money on food is always there.
Bad huh...?

Just like this afternoon when we are too lazy too cook and I want to eat something big.
Convince Mr Traveller to shower and drag him to walk down,
Finally we got our food :-D

My Burger,
Nice Patties.. Normal Bun
(I almost never eat burger bun anyway)

served with bunch of fries and salad..

2500++ kcal..

melted onion on top of the cheesy patty..

Nice rabbit food..

Mr's Tortilla wrap
taste better than my burger.. :'(
1000 kcal

Mr Traveller going to join Penang Marathon in November, so he allow to eat as much as he could coz
he run and train himself regularly.
I train myself in front of my laptop, on the couch (remote control lifting) and on my bed (snor) ?

Time to flirt with my running shoes I guess....

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