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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Summer on Instagram

Tanjung Biru
Port Dickson
Negeri Sembilan

What is the meaning of summer for you?
in four season Countries, summer mean everything.
Picnic, afternoon nap, BBB (Beer, BBQ and Beach), sip cold Sangria and read novel,
or simply walk around to nearest forest.

I am lucky enough live in a place where I can get all year round summer, but stil..
June and July is the hottest month in Malaysia.
Almost 33 Celcius at night, and half cook at noon. You could feel the heat
till you get headache or bleeding nose if you stay outside too long.

Mr Traveller promise to bring me out of Kuala Lumpur for picnic if I don't have class on weekend

And my wish granted..
I start dream to have very nice picnic, include chilled wine, raspberry, selection of cheese, hangi BBQ with 2 Maori chef, a nice lamb legs and sweet corn roasted in the ground full of hot rocks..
Complete with little tent to hide..

But once I went down for groceires, I can't even think what we gonna get.
I always confuse in grocery activity without having list in advance.
So yeah, I bought what I could remember... No Hangi BBQ, No chicken strips, no long island iced tea,
no sangria..
just simple wine and beer..

Here some of the picture we took..

Drove to the nearest beach..
enjoy the nice breeze all the way..
This time I made better preparation. Put load of sunblock onto my skin.
All over.. nothing missed.
I am dark enough, I don't want to be invisible during black-out night.
Mr convince me that I didn't need that much sunblock and lotion. I would still visible during blackout
night if I stay around him because he glows in the dark

find a shade under the trees,
spread a mat,
strecth the legs  
took cool drink out of the cooler box





this is what we called relax..
*I learn how to..

watch kids pedalling canoe,
sip my chilled wine and read novel

I am in extra lazy mood

allow myself very lazy and don't have to worry about everything is priceless luxury..

and I really appreciate it

small nibble..

we didn't bring much food from home because Malaysia is paradise of food.
we plan to stop in cowboy roasted chicken if we feel hungry
(no, coz I f-up with groceries... couldn't figure out what to buy)

chilled beer from cooler box
love it..!

Bored with books, 
we walk around to the shore soak our tired feet in a warm salty sea water.

little catch


another tiny crab i took..

we went home when the sun goes down.
to watch football tonight..



Klita said...

I LOVE THE LAST PICT...huwaaaaa using instagram? heemm boleh di coba ;)

Mrs said...

Iya, buat fotonya pakai kamera biasa. Ngeditnya pakai instagram atau pics art.
I love the effect ^_^