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Friday, 29 June 2012

This Week Happiness

June with lot of colour from pink blossom to blue-black.

My Pink Blossom :
1. Exam done, yaiy
2. I start run again, and it's been 4 days continuesly no fail Sat - Sun -Mon - Tue
    Running has lot of meaning to me. Not only just exercise to make me sweaty or healthy.
    But the ability of me to achieve of my daily target makes me feel I win something.
    And it makes me feel good.
    Don't ever think that I ran as fast as Carl Lewis... haha, my fat ass and my laziness make me run
    just like a Walrus on the North Pole.
3. I will go to Penang this weekend, Yaiy
4. A for Technology Management

The Blue Black:
1. Work load like a pile of crap.
     Sometimes I just want to give up. Been swam at the same mud, and no progress at all.
     In fact, I feel exploited most of the time.
2.  Late for short semester registration, all class full.
     Now I have to be an illegal student, attend the class without having mark record.
     And gamble + pray hard, wish that there will some people drop the subject and makes me
     able to insert my name there.
3.  B+ for accounting.. Arrghhhh...!!!!!! I was really confident to get A. I feel I can do everything
     without  any fail. ugghhh.... dammit!
4.  Some un-registered people try to annoyed me asked too much questions, interview me,
     and interrupt my study focus.
     (hey, come on.. better you focus on your business and your crappy relationship, rather than
       too busy talk and create story about me..)

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