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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Chef Is Home

My Chef Is Home
Tonight onwards, I will feed well again..!

Two weeks Mr Traveller away from Kuala Lumpur,
He went to Everest Base Camp, leave me alone like an orphan cat.
Ha ha, yes I life in suffer while he gone.

But not today, the chef is back..!
and yes, we start make a list what we want to eat tonight. 
And I am excited more than any starving African kids.

Mr Traveller said it's simple cooking,
I said it's marvellous food.
(I am sucks in cooking, yet I love good home food as much as when I live with my mom)
And he made the first order to feed hungry King-Kong ME, just couple hours after landed.

Lamb Kebab, Grilled Chicken Wings, Garlic Mushroom, Mashed potato and Steam Veggie.

I have mixed grill on my plate tonight.
Tomorrow I will have roasted chicken, Chili with tortilla, Cheesy Nachos,
Tacos in a crispy shell, jacket potatooes,
Tandoory Prawn, Squid Tikka, Lamb Masala,
Slow Roasted Lamb Knuckle, Lamb Stew with Stout,

Anything you want, just say it.
The chef will created a super good one..! Low Fat too...!
A Home cooking food with Love.. =P

You know how lucky I am to have him..?

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