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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

This is not right and annoying

Today I am a Psychologist =P
sometimes watch people around you, listen to their life, their colourfull complaint,
how to they see the world..
Quite interesting... but some of them are not my favourite, make me bloated and gastric

1. Sulking
OMG, can you just tell me what is your problem, what makes you do not happy and what disturbing you. Rather than just quiet and give me your shit face.
Don't your parent and your school teach you how to speak ?
If you deaf, you may write it down or use the sign language.
Or you are a dead body talk no more?
If you die, I will just burry you.

2. Take people for granted
    Ok, I am chill. I don't really bother with a small annoying stuff.
    But it doesn't mean I do not notice what you did.

3. Take advantages of someone's kindness
    I have no comment about it, I don't really feel someones' try take advantage on me.
    Believe me, take advantage of someone's kindness makes you feel really bad.

4. Pretend to don't know
   Well, she doesn't ask. So I pretend nothing happen.
   Well, she doesn't mention about it, so I pretend everything is OK.
   Well, she doesn't complain, so I will keep continue being like this.
   Guess what, one day... when she exploded and decide to change the direction, by then you just realize
   that every mistakes gone way too far and un-reverse-able....
   There you go... you lost the most important person in this world.

5. Flip around a words, try to make others feel guilty

"You make me feel like this...."
"You make me feel like that...."
**because you sms for cancellation, mean everything are your fault.
( I do not sms you to confirm or cancel, so not my fault)
It's like you sitting there, do nothing, waiting for me to take action.
When I take action which is not suit your mood,
Then you put all the blame on me.

Guess what....... (I don't buy it)

6. Talk depend on the mood

When you feel insecure, upset or angry you will make some marvellous statement.
But when you cool down, the statement are change.
Look mate, people don't know what is your mood now.
So please make one statement, what do you want.
Which this statement is applicable in every mood colour you have.
Sad, Happy, Drunk, Sober, if you want A. Please stick into A.
Don't change depend on the mood, statement and life's plan is not a festive season's celebration.

7.  Blame other thing for what happen to you

This is also not my favourite thing.

"God doesn't love me this time, that's why I can't get good marks for my Marketing"
you didn't attend the group meeting, you were too busy eating muruku and celebrate deepavali when I awake till 3 am finishing the written report,
you wear t-shirt during presentation,
and you play facebook when everybody too busy read the study case.
When you get B- and almost fail, you blame God.
Sounds very mellow and polite, and soft, and pity, and touchy words. But my brain translate it as :
HOW DARE....!!!!!

"I know why I am bitchy today, because I don't get enough sleep last night"
**Hell yeah,
    Blame your not enough sleeping as you like. Wanna bet..?
    even you sleep 12 hours a day for 2 months, you will still bitchy.
    Thats why many people scared with you...

sounds nasty..?
Oh well, Life is nasty... what you expected?

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