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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Super Rambling

afternoon tea at balcony..

I have the hardest two weeks in May so far,
Total fifteen days I mess around with fever and cough.
no any single day I could sleep without awake on the middle of the night.
Or talk without coughing.
*And I've contaminated half of the officemate with my fever too
  How nasty I am...

Add in too much work at the office, add in too much school assignment,
and try to keep myself sober so that I can finish my work on-time.

Then I just realize, force myself to sober when I need to release tension is not a good Idea.
I learn that once in couple days, I have to allow myself to relax and follow my nature (read: being crazy)

But I am glad,
I've submitted my hardest assignment on-time (don't asked me about the quality)
It's been hard enough to write and calculate the statistical data while you half high, half drunk, and half
sleepy from the medicine.
So yes,
we move on to another thing. Another report awaiting.
And I've give myself 4 Nights off from touching the book. And I still not sure about tonight,
Would I start doing another case study, or I will sleep like a dead body..?

Another super rambling evening,
high from couple spoon of cough syrup, and couple pieces of antibiotic.
I start think about my future, how slow everything make some progress
and everything getting hurt more when you saw how easy several person skip level
and get everything instantly,
while you have to swim in the swamp just to make you little bit update.

A bit yes.. Sometimes I just wish my life as easy as them.
But when I looked at myself again, those jealousy give me nothing.
Each person have their own life story, no matter how hard they tried..
sometimes it just not belong to them..
with no reason, but ...
it just because..

I wish nothing for a moment, but able to finish my study on-time.
No more stop on the middle of the way for any reason.

I Learn My Mistake....
Once is senough..!

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