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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Thank You and Good Bye

365 days have run very fast
Way too fast than I realized

32 years old very soon...
OH NO...!!!!

Basically not many stories happen in 2014 because I am too busy

Kita pun tak boleh yang cakap tak payah kerja, and just enjoy the life.
(nanti tak kerja, tak ada uang untuk enjoy life kan salah pulak....)
Tapi kalau dah tiap siang-malam, isnin hingga ahad dok fikirkan masalah kerja je
macam ini la... 

We are too busy working till we forgot to say thank you for every happiness God sent to us.

Kerja je siang malam, nak bersyukur pun tak sempat...

But once in a while,
We sit silently and think back what have been happening in my life.
Does it match with my yearly target or I  just life follows the flow with little surprises in between

However, I managed to count couple things that I really grateful in my 2014


Something that everyone in Malaysia already have but not me.
Yes, an online shop.

I feel proud of myself that I able to build my own mini "shop"
My own creation and my own passion.

The most important is extra income *wink


A small handsome little creature has arrived in the world.
Super duper handsome, healthy boy add to the happiness.
My Nephew 


Something delay is finally finished.
One of the long debt of life is finally paid off.
I closed the chapter of education 
(well... it doesn't mean that I stop learning ya... There still plenty thing in the world we don't know. Don't ever think that when you earn Master Degree, means everything in this life getting easy)

~ Easier to find a job  => NOT REALLY, 
I still have to send like thousand resume and attend loads of interview. Yet, I am still here...  At the same place doing the same thing, earning the same  figure.

~ I am a great businesswoman => TOTALLY WRONG
Instead, I learn about entrepreneurship, marketing, trick and tips from my junior at the office. A person who study engineering, not an MBA at all.
I am the most clueless person in doing online business.

~So the expensive time spending study is useless? => DEFINITELY NOT
I have never seen education as warranty to get an easy job with plenty salary.
Education is the place where I build my mentality, the way I think, and
the way I see the world.

By the end of the day, getting a job is about our luck and how good we sell ourselves to the company.


My best friend's wedding.
We study together, we make an assignment together.
We roam around looking for binding place together.
Whining, complaining, crazy-ing and everything


Road trip accros South to North Malaya Peninsula.

Yes, we had a plan-less, money less, booking-less road trip From KL-JOHOR-KELANTAN- CAMERON HIGHLAND - KL.

It was unforgettable moment.
Yes, I want to repeat again someday (WITH BIGGER CAR AND BIGGER ENGINE PLEASE)


Another handsome baby pop-out to this world.
Such a healthy boy. He is my one-and-only sister's son.


My great lost and deep condolence to everyone who their family fly with Air Asia QZ8501 last Sunday. My biggest condolence and its really heart breaking for me and my family.
(Air Asia is our main transportation to bring us everywhere, yet we never really trust any other airlines except KLM)

2014 is become part of my life's story with bit here and there to remember.

Thank you 2014
welcome 2015

plenty list waiting


Uni Aqilah said...

Hai Diyan,

Bestnye baca summary macam ni. in fact kte pun nak buat summary jugak, but got no time nak summarize. haaa, acaner tuh?

p/s : apsal sampai berlinang air mata baca entry kte? scary sgt ke? huhuhu..

Mrs said...

Hai Kak Uni,
hehe dah jadi tradisi untuk review and re-plan (theory je poooon....)

berlinang air mata becoz rasa macam saya yang ada kat situ dan saya pulak yg rasa sakit... huhu

@xiM said...

happy new year 2015 :)

Mrs said...

Happy New Year dan Selamat bekerja :)