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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas Day Off

It is a rainy Christmas day off,
The weather is  cool, cloudy, and friendly


I must be the most awful person you ever meet,
When people is busy to get crazy and party for New Year, I am too busy hiding in a quiet place.

When last year I was too busy taking care my thesis on New Year party,
This year I am too busy hiding at home for doing nothing lol...

I just way too exhausted from my office work which I got no extra energy to spare to do anything. Work is getting crazy and out of control. 
Everyone work for their own name and their own convenient. Just like in political party.

I am way too tired, till I can't even able to meet people for social (In a tired mood, I prefer to stay at home rather than meet people and complain about everything)

The 2nd reason is that there is a natural disaster in Malaysia.
Yes... Flood is everywhere. Cover almost every part of Kelantan, Pahang, Terengganu and Perak. 

I just can't understand how people keep cutting the trees and turn them into palm plantation, or company harvesting the soil, sands and rocks from the hill. Make the surface getting flat and flatter. When flood arrives, no place for them to evacuate.

It is very sad and heartbreaking...
And I don't feel having a party is necessary when people I knew getting cold and wet.

I choose to forward my party budget to get them a relief.
Send the money and a couple boxes of dry food and medicine to the local collection.

I feel like I had the best party...!!


Not much thing  I did

packing some simple gift and writing cards for friend and family.
Ran to post office at the very last minute

Spread some old towel and took my favorite thing out...
I got my tea,
Nivea body cream
and a pack of traditional Javanese body scrubs my mom sent me a while ago

It is a powder scrub,
Just mix it with rose water or even just cold water till it turn into
a paste

Rub the paste all over the body,
Leave it half dry, and rub them in circular motion...
I smell like curried meat and I look like marinated chicken ready to cook.

after all....
I feel fresh and super clean afterward.

Making peanut butter cookies in the afternoon while watching a rain pouring down 
Such a nice weather and peace my mind off

The not so consistent peanut butter cookies. Couple batches came in a huge size 
and I bake them too long.
Taste yummy tho... :P

A less sweet but crunchy, soft, chewy and moist peanut butter cookies

I can eat them and having a lazy nap all day long 

In the boxing day the cleaner arrive,
they start doing spring cleaning just because I am too lazy to clean the house myself
(Well, usually Mr and me team up to do cleaning, but today I am single fighter)
 so, I took day off too :P

Enjoy my dinner,
in my shiny house
in a quiet peaceful evening...


Happy Holiday Everyone... :-)

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