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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Bali Trip, Dinner at Hotel's Restaurant

The night after we had Leech in our dinner we repeat our dinner at the hotel because of:
1. We were upset cos of the Leeches
2. Can't deny we are still hungry

It was already late, so we decide to just have supper next to hotel.

At least they served us right

Tired with  the food option,
we can't really trust with the steak quality here too
so, we just order the food we quite understand what is that

Fried Rice,  Chicken Satay and Soto ayam..
not bad.

We repeat the menu on the last day before we fly back too.
The price is not cheap for us the Indonesian and Malaysian,
because we know the cost of making those food.
 But I guess If we look at the USD
it's not that bad..

Total damage was USD 18 include 2 bottle of beer.

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