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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bali Trip, Dinner at Ristorante Italia

Ristorante Italia
Legian, Bali

After a good lunch by the beach in Kuta,
we look for another option to have a good dinner by the beach too but not at the same restaurant
(Well, we can't really see the beach though)

Ride motorbike along beach road is very pretty and peaceful
No need to think about work, assignment, exam, politic, general election,

all about spending money, have fun,
and calculate the damage cost later

complaint 1 : I don't want to appear in your blog again...!!!

After couple times eating nasi goreng, mie goreng and satay,
we decide to eat something smells like pasta.

Roam around along the beach road, and we stop to this "looking nice", affordable 
Italian restaurant by the beach

Seems lot of people inside means the food are reliable ( I guess)

Another "Bintang" for every session

I like the environment of the restaurant.
Full of people but doesn't feel crowded at all.

The waiters seems fully understand with what we need or want.
Nobody came to repeat the order,
and all the food come in nice shape  (no frozen food, no leeches)

good food overall

Pizza and Spaghetti Vonggole to share between two of us,
yeah.. I ate in man portion, so now you know why..

While we enjoy our food and drink,
the restaurant give a nice live performance for us.
Start from modern dance, magic show,
fire dance, cabaret, up to traditional dance.

one of the performance

Quite entertaining,
I guess I can stay here longer  to watch the show and order another food.

Damage cost for garlic bread, pizza, pasta and 2 bottle Bintang was around IDR 260,000 (USD 26)
We continue wander around Bali with the cool scooter


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