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Monday, 6 May 2013

Bali Trip, Day 2

Our 2nd day in Bali, we really hope that the island will be more friendly to us. Day is very sunny tend to be hot. We need to be a bit careful to play outdoor. Mr had a bad sun burn on both of his hand. And I got all over my back (well not burn.. Burn like lobster, but I turn into darkish)

Hotel breakfast were simple but good. 
I got nice omelette every morning and good coffee. 
In Bali, people like their tea very light, more to tasteless. You need to request to get the tea bag in your
cup if you wish to have thicker tea.

Balinese traditional food....
hmm, I don't really fancy. 
Most of the food are grilled, and seasoned with chili paste, galangal and lemon grass *all in high concentrates.

Today, we plan to not playing around with motorbike too much.  Just swim and hang out by the sea.
To avoid worse sun burn, we get long sleeves surfer outfit.
I can see along the road in Seminyak, Legian and Kuta.. Quicksilver, Ripcurl and Billabong conquer the road.

They have their shop in every 100 meters.

We ride along with motorbike, park in some place and continue walking.

Behind me is Bomb Bali Monument

Take a bit picture along the way too...
Typical Balinese kampong road is not too wide. Most are narrow road which only fit 1 car.
Well, they designed to walk and motorbike actually, but I guess those car are pretty stubborn.

Seminyak Beach with girls baked their skin to brown

After we found the outfit, and some fancy beach towel we went to the beach.
But Kuta Beach is way too crowded and too many people around.
I afraid to leave my belonging here,
scared someone will pick.. then we decide to back to the room, to put all belonging include camera and wallet, and back again just bring enough cash for water and rent some board.

Beaches in Bali have a good waves,
I guess that also the reason why so many surfing school here.
Plenty kids (and adult too) messing around with surf board.

I rent Boogie Board for Rp 50,000 each.
Was really fun to mess around with the waves but it cost me
pain on my knees and ears :'(

We went back to hotel just before dusk. To shower and beer.
I can feel my weight increase one kilogram by sands sticks on my skins, my hair, my bikini and everywhere.
Took me almost one hour to clean the sands off.

Legian Beach

Sunset along the way,
very pretty...
manage to take couple snaps on the way on evening cocktail but I guess I miss the reddish part.

Beach in Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak full with beach bar at night.
Something very common like when we visit Phuket or Krabi in Thailand, and Long beach in Perhentian Island.

Loud music everywhere, compete from bar to bar
Bean bag to sit around.
And tiny umbrella for... ( I don't know what this for...) just for fancy I guess.

Gin tonic, Bean bag and relax

It's a better idea to put just bean bag for beach rather than plastic chair which always stuck by the sands.
We had couple drink before  go to the next restaurant for dinner.
Good relax...

no no, I'm not pregnant at all
I just fat..

don't expect too much

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