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Friday, 3 May 2013

Trip to Bali : An Overview

This is our first trip together to Indonesia,
We got this idea when we found random cheap ticket in AirAsia couple months a go (again, thanks for the cheap ticket AA)

But, choose accommodation in Bali is a bit annoying when the last time you visit there was 10 years a go.
Bali grow very fast, give me totally different brands of Hotel.
(I have very few knowledge of Bali, last time I stay was in Benoa) and all the tour was arranged by
an agent.

But now we have to arrange ourselves (cheaper, yes..)

After couple weeks of searching in add in trip advisor as reference,
we decide to book this hotel : Bali Agung Village

It is 4D3N trip and we are excited...!

The flight is at 6pm, I decide to go to office for half day to finish up some urgent work.
And I still bring my laptop too, to kill the time in the morning.
Yes, even during travel I always wake up too early. 3-4 hours earlier before Mr Wake up.
for 1-2 hours, I can walk by the beach for jogging. But then the next 2 hours I will waste it to play Facebook
on my phone.

Bring my laptop, I could use it to work on my study assignment or write part of my thesis while
waiting Mr to wake up.
Another night activity, if I couldn't sleep I can sit and work too.

Handy isn't it (for nerd like me, yes)

clubbing in Bali..? Night Life? Night club..
ha ha
Nah... I am not into it. I am 30, and I already feel too old for those thing...
Discotheque, club of whatever the name not really interest me.
I have to half yell when talk, and way too many smells around me.
Stress me out..!!

Chill, clean, relaxing, quiet lounge is better for an old woman like me..
Drunk and Dance...?
BIG NO, the one happen in HCMC was the last time I ever drunk like mad.
Feel like shit the next day

OK I talk crap, sorry..

I guess I choose the right hotel this time,
the room wasn't cost us that much.
The location is just five minutes walk from the beach, restaurant, pub, souvenir shop, 
blue mushroom, happy juice, massage, spa, tattoo....  also not so far from the city centre.

All in one...

We might think the hotel would be noisy because it's surrounded by a lot of public facility,
don't get me wrong....

The hotel is very quiet..
with lot of greeneries, tiny swimming pool, and friendly staff.
I feel like in the middle of traditional Balinese Village (with caucasian and weird french lady as my neighbour)

There are confusion between the address hotel provide online,
hotel put in front of it's sign and the road name the local used to know.

The internet mention the hotel located in Jalan Abimanyu, where it is actually is the main road.
The local call it Jalan Camplung Tanduk.

The hotel itself not located in that road, but in another smaller "rat line" call Jalan Sarinande.

The easiest way was to direct the taxi to Jalan Camplung Tanduk,
Stop at Grandma's hotel and turn right.

Again, I talk rambling....
Easiest way is to print the map from google and show it to the driver.

Better I stop writing or my story will go rambling around...


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