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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Bali Trip, Day 1

Day 1 we rent motorbike to roam around which the hotel provide to us. 
Rp 50,000/day (USD 5) per day, USD 2 for full tank petrol (bensin). 
Travel and currency is a bit confusing yes, here is the trick : delete 4 zero behind the number,
you got USD. Or.. Delete 3 zero behind the number, then divide into 3 you got ringgit currency. 
Not perfect but the number nearly there.

conquer the island with Scooter...? why not..!

With a very limited direction, we were heading to Ubud. 
To check a good scene, famous rice paddy field and to give a try "babi guling ibu oka" 
the one Anthony Bourdain and Samantha Brown amaze about. 
Well I don't eat babi, but I am curious really so I drag Mr and force him to try and tell me what his opinion.

Travel around in Bali is a bit tricky even for the local.
Most of the road has no name sign, or sometimes it has a name which totally different
with the name they post online or google map describe
We leave hotel at 11am, filled up the tank and ride the bike to anywhere we like.
We were lost to many road, but we manage to reach the place. Yeah, we found the Babi Guling place
The food order came so quick, park the bike, order, makan and interview in between.

the restaurant branches and my coconut ice

Ibu Oka babi guling is very famous around the world,
*yes I said around the world because most of travel program which visit Bali always promote this restaurant,
and I believe so many people really curious to give some try.

not impress with the food...?

The food came really fast all in one plate.
I reckon it was a cup of white rice with a bit crispy pig skin, a bit of deep fried pig intestine,
a bit of blood sausages, a pieces of roasted meat, some mixed minced vegetable seasoned with
local herbs, and spicy chili sambal.

Here is what Mr said about babi guling ibu oka.
The food is too lemongrassy.. Strong galangal, lemon grass and cikur or aromatic ginger.
The meat is moist, nothing really incredible. The taste wiped off by the strong lemon grass.
It just so so.. For people who really curious, it just not worth to travel that long just to eat over-seasoned Babi where they lost the taste of the meat itself.

Back from "makan babi" we went to Pasar Seni Sukawati
(browse yourself to get more information :-P).
For shopping frenzy, this is the right place to do.
All came so cheap and most of the goods are different with Kuta or Seminyak area.
More option, more choices, and lower price.
 I got myself 3 summer dresses (silly me, should buy 10) but...
We were too tired, we can't be bother to bargain and pick a choice.
Two list been ticked, and we heading back to our hotel for rest.

Another surprise ahead.. We thought we find our way back well.
But we heading to another direction.
Yes, instead of heading to Kuta, we went to Benoa (The Conrad).
Once we realize we were stuck in traffic jam.
Two newbies, wear tank top only, no sunscreen, 6hrs under the sun = burn kaw kaw.
Blister all over Mr Skin, and I can feel my skin turn into orang asli Lol.

Was fun though..
After couple round lost and couple pit stop for beer to kill dehydration,
we manage to found our hotel at 7.30pm.

BUT... The surprise were not end yet. 

Exhausted with what we did the whole day, we decide to went for dinner around the hotel area.
 Me'nu restaurant in Seminyak became our choice.
From the description the restaurant was look reliable : owned &  manage by australian, ice cube made from RO water, dishes washed with hot water, meat checking quality etc.

Beer was sold in good price too, Rp 29,000 for big bottle of Bintang
(most restaurant sell at Rp 40,000 -Rp 55,000 per big bottle.

So we were happy for the first stage, then we order Moussaka and Enchiladas for our dinner.

All the food came in the wrong shape

Beer in the restaurant came nice, cold enough,
but all the food gone wrong.
Moussaka came hot on the top and frozen inside.
To be honest it is actually taste good, just wrong preparation.
My enchiladas came with hot plate but warm food (how it could happen...?) don't ask me!

On my 2nd bite of salad I saw a black jelly-ish creature crawl around on my plate in a very dodgy way.
The light wasn't so bright I have to look closer.
IT WAS 2 INCHES LEECH....!!! ALIVE....!!!!

We didn't argue much, just made it simple.
Pay the drink and leave the food be responsibility of the cook.

we went home hungry that night...
we decide to just back to hotel, eat chips and watch Jamie Oliver.

been a rough day,
hopefully the island more friendly to us tomorrow...

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