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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What Make Me Happy

What makes me happy living in Kuala Lumpur...?
If I allow to list down, it will be a looong loooong list.
Start from nasi lemak stall, nasi dagang, the existence of Johor, Terengganu, Langkawi,
LRT, RapidKL, AirAsia, Pavilion, Parkson, Metrojaya, Carefour, Pasar Malam,
kepok lekor, roti telur, pringles..
lot lot lot lot more...

but here I list what makes me happy most, living in my current Life....


family and best friend,

Best Friend and Family 
my awesome BFF

Without you realize that you stand stronger because of you have someone need you.
Having people around we can trust, without worry of backstabbing, betraying, taking advantage,  
makes my life more secure and relax.

I am so grateful to have two of them around me.

cup of tea..
warm my feeling up :)

Snif the nice aroma of fresh brewed Jasmine Tea,
Enjoy in balcony while you watch sunset.
(Full moon of nifsu sya'ban pun sangat cantik untuk ditengok)
A perfect company for ME-time

cold beer

chill my sweaty afternoon

world is not perfect without chilled nice beer...

vacation and any outdoor activity

Free wind, free breeze, free fresh air, free sunlight, free sweat,
forget tight suit and skirt, just loose shirt and hawaiian shorts.
Forget high heel, just barefoot or flip-flop
unplug yourself from daily wise-ness and be an insane person once in a while to keep
the life balance...

we are young...
travel more, outdoor more will keep us appreciate our life,
give us strong reason that we need to be alive longer
to taste all of those food we haven't ate before
to pinned all the place in our pinterest.

*wrong text book sorry... >.<

Study keep me occupy during my free time.
I am not good in stay idle. I am very easy to feel bored, and hyperactive.
With study I spend my time on a proper activity,
study make me less wander around in pub and drinking places


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