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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Melaka Day Trip

Last weekend me & my sister went to Melaka (Malacca)
Another states of West Malaysia where you can reach within 1-2 hours from Kuala Lumpur.

If you are first timer in Malaysia, and you start to learn to explore around,
Melaka is one of good spot to begin

Using public transportation is convenient too...
here is the route from Kuala Lumpur
1. Take any public transportation to TBS (terminal bandar tasik selatan) or (terminal bersepadu...?) dunno..!
    It's in Bandar Tasik Selatan area. You may reach there by : ERL from KL sentral, KTM Komuter, Rapid   
    KL Bus, or LRT Star on Sri Petaling Line
2. Buy ticket in counter, I rather bought it online by Konsortium or Transnasional. There are plenty bus will 
    carry you from KL to Melaka such as KKKL, Mayasari (or Mayangsari) 
    *google it yourself. If too lazy like me, then just buy online. Journey took around 2 hours.
3  Upon arrival in Melaka Sentral Bus Station, 
    take local bus no 17, (pay RM 1) and you stop on Dutch Square

On this trip I only roam around Heritage Place (Church, Jonker Street, River)

Just 5 minutes after we reach, I bought this hat for RM 15.
Quite cheap if we compare in Mid Valley (RM 35)

I would suggest don't buy in a shop near the Church... just walk a bit in Jonker street.
My sister got the same hat with only RM 9
how sad and feel cheated I am... hiks.. :'(

My sister and her first pose...

then all the pictures here about her,
because mine are in her camera and she forgot to bring the cable...

Now she went back to Penang without feeling guilty..!

some view of Jonker Street in afternoon,
I just wonder what makes people Queue so long for food..

(don't they feel like Somalian queue for food ration..?)

some of tourist asked me if I want to joined them to taste the food, they were curious about what people queueing about.



mengamuk pasal lapar ada lah...

then we just walk pass by and ate cup noddle because we were too arrogant to stand on the line
and continue to wander around.

Jonker Street during the day,

souvenir shop along the way,

Melaka is famous with it's wooden sandal

Antique Shop

tiny winy bity shop..

another clog shop

random pics..

another queue spot
now is for chicken rice balls..

I like the river,
must be nice to watch it at night...

one of the nice land mark around the area...

Last pic taken
before we wait the bus back

worth visit..!
couldn't find asam pedas and keropok lekor there though... 

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