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Saturday, 28 July 2012

China Wok Chicken Rice

another eating place under the apartment

Chicken rice is one of food in my favourite list,
I always like the ginger-garlic fragance steamed rice,  roasted chicken, and some kind of bean sprout soaked in light soy sauce.

We went to one of chicken rice restaurant under apartment a week ago to feel my crave.

Bean Sprout served fresh with light soy sauces and crispy fried shallot

Lemon Tea not good, way too sweet for me and it's fake (F&N Lemon Tea in Package)
Sign of lazyness
Could you spend five minutes to squeeze the lemon, so that you could served proper drink to company your proper food?

Crispy roasted chicken is perfect 
Crispy on the skin and juicy inside...

Finger licking good...

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