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Monday, 23 July 2012

Sepang Gold Coast


I guess Selangor and Kuala Lumpur Govt tried really hard to build a beachy-like place in west coast,
to give the local some beachy entertainment during weekend without travel too long to Port Dickson, Kuantan or Pangkor.

Not sure how  much they spent to make the idea come true,
but I can see this is expensive...

I guess so, just drive toward KLIA and turn left before Sepang Circuit.
And another 30-40 minutes drive toward Kampong road, you will reach the beach.
*If you not got lost of course... haha

Nice for short weekend getaway...

No flight hassle, no drive too far,
but something not match with me :
1. No cheap pub along the way
2. Not enough trees around the chalet ( I love being lazy under the trees, and snore)
3. Too much water, less land (what I'm going to do during hot day..?)

nice water chalet,
but not that much...

during low tide, very un-apetizing
(I guess we went at the wrong time)

Maybe during high tide, we can fishing or boating around to the open sea
crossed to Indonesia..

infinity pool is the only entertainment in the middle of palm tree shape.
yet too small for me,
I can reach corner to corner just 3-4 stroke..

I guess it meant to just enough to deep your ass off..

I don't think it could occupied half of the guest
(swimming pool in our apartment even bigger and better)

I feel like I am in the middle of desert
way too hot
where is the tree...?!!?!?!??!

couple snap of them..
I just can't imagine if we have chalet with "Neighbour View"
Don't think I would like it...

I would rather have garden view chalet on the land,
where I don't have to watch or watched by my neighbour.
Feel like a stalker, no..?

Force Mr to pose and take his picture..


man made beach,
during low tide..

not that bad.

the sands is very smooth and fine,
lot of kids and family play kite

I kept thinking of fresh coconut water, but.. oh dear....
*glek.. errkkk

After discuss what is the possibility of what we going to do for the rest of evening, night, and morning before check out if we stay here,
Where we can get a good drink and food beside of the hotel restaurant,
How much we gonna spend,
The variety of the food menu,
how many restaurant around the resort,
Do they have good steak? Or good mie goreng mamak and roti jala at least?
What he going to do if suddenly I want Domino Pizza (where to get... eh...?!?!?!)

we decide to not stay,
and drove back to Kuala Lumpur...

All the way from Gold Coast to KLIA road plenty stall selling fruits on the street side,
esp dragon fruit.
Along the area is dragon fruit farm.
I manage to buy one, but I just wonder why the price on the road stall (which is pick and sell) is more expensive with the one sold carefour...?

But I think the expensiveness is worth,
local fruits always has better taste than Imported from China.
Fresher, and REAL..
Pick and sell, not too long stay in container for shipment.

Nice Weekend.... :)

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Dear Mrs Traveller

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May we use your photos in our website?

We are also writing to other bloggers and photographers who have posted photos of the golden palm tree resort and spa and would love to include some of your images.

We will of course credit you for these images and are happy to create a link back to your blogging page


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Mrs said...

Hi Ayyaz
sure you can use the picture as long as you attached the link to my page.

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