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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Roasted Spring Chicken

this is how we appreciate home cooking...

We went run this evening, and leave us hungry.
But when we went to groceries and restaurant, nothing really touch our sense.
I don't fancy any Quiche, Pie, Moroccan Dish, Bens anything..

I want something home-made and simple..
end up with choose spring chicken and couple packed of fresh veggie..

rub with a bit of herbs, olive oil, salt, pepper..
lime juice,
and little pray..

after 1 hour..

crispy skin with tender and juicy meat inside...

fresh cooked...

fresh cut..

just enough for two..

served with pile of veggie

fresher, lighter and healthier :)
*correct grammar, no?


catz said...

hii jom coffee.. ( serious invitation)..

catz miow

Mrs said...

Jom coffee.... I am serious too... :)