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Monday, 12 March 2012

Simple Weekend Getaway

This is how we enjoy weekend when we don't have any plan to travel

yes, we don't have money and don't have time too...
I need to keep myself stay in Kuala Lumpur and DO NOT LET MYSELF TIRED
because I need to finish up my assignment.

And next couple months I will way too busy travel here and there anyway.
No class, No travel, No Roam around
So yeah...
spend weekend in Kuala Lumpur with do nothing is kind of different luxury....

soak up in a olive and aloe  bubble bath...

Call up the best friend,
said nicely
"Can I borrow your bath tub..?"
" I bring my own bubble bath, towel and the drink..."
"I am promised to behave..."

100% they will said "Sure why not...!!!"
as a survey, people who has bath tub in their house
most of them even don't bother to use...
they very seldom use it.
they will just happy if some friend came and use it.
No wasted for them install the stuff.
**I said MOST of them, maybe super stingy people wont let you touch anything

And people like me, who doesn't have bath tub and jacuzzi in the apartment,
is always craving for soaked my body in a hot water and bubble bath.

open up French Champagne to start the evening...
*big thanks for the smuggler get me good stuff in a good price,
couldn't afford to buy it in Malaysia dept store

Download some movie from internet..

I feel like I am in a luxury resort somewhere



lbthomsen said...

I got a tub. I just don't know about the "behaving" part :)

Kelley said...

Me and Mia,
surely we wont behave.. hahah