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Monday, 19 March 2012

Candle Light Dinner

I want candle light dinner tonight,

but too lazy to go out, coz we need to finish up the vampires series we've download.
and one more series about clinic and doctors who always able to diagnose a weird disease (House..?)

Not Sure,
I am not good at choosing series on TV, the only series I follow regularly was ER (Emergency Room) and Dawson Creek. It was long time a go when I was 16 or 17 yo.
*I watch ER because George Clooney play there.
  Handsome, Sexy-Mexy and addicting... ;-)
I never addicted to anything afterward except travel and eating.
**That is not true, haha..
    I am very easy addicted to something, game, series, book, novel, website...
    That is the reason why I avoid watch TV or start play game in computer.
    Once I hooked up, I will end up with would not sleep before I finish all the stage or series.

Very wasting time...

Ok, back to the topic.
So we went to BIG (Ben's supermarket), bought the food for take away.
Run back to the house and...

ta.. da...

Cottage Pie, Pasta salad, Mushroom salad
and Cauliflower with cheese

Quiche, Pasta Salad and Mushroom Salad

Cauliflower cheese too

and white wine

with a pile of remote control

in front of TV

Candle lighr dinnet at home
Nice and comfy,
I don't have to wear my tight, tiny dress and full of make up (no fake eyelashes needed).
I can wear my worned out running short, tank top..
and I allow to misbehave...!

Twilight Saga after this...?

Nice eh..?

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