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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Roasted Chicken

Homemade Roasted Chicken,
one of my fave...

In this life, nothing like home cooking food.
You can't compare with any food in restaurant.

I love home cooking because :
- I know where the ingredient from, and how was it
  (farm market, cold storage, carefour or giant, fresh, defrost, canned,  old, new, buy, steal, snatch, cut properly or road kill.....)
  *last part is the important, everybody knows road-kill is haram..
- I can adjust how much salt, oil, butter, pepper, fat inside of my food... as what I desire..

- I know what the chef put inside of my food with my special request
  Believe me, you can't say like this to the chef in restaurant

  " hey.. hey...hey... I want the skin crispy but the meat moist OK.."
  " No No.. don't put too much salt, or I will die faster"
  "What brand your olive oil is..?"
  " Let me do.. let me do... Let me stir the sauces, please.." => with my nagging style of course
  " Can I have mashed potato half portion only..?"
  " Can I taste the gravy a bit? I am really hungry.."
 " Don't cut.. don't cut... I need to take a picture..."
 " Hey... WAIT..... I am not done yet, another shoot please...!!!"

If you eat in restaurant, they will kicked you out from the kitchen...
coz you are so f**** annoying...

the naked chicken with lemon stab in her bum,
OUCH....! Gay Chicken....!!!!

At home, you can even drink their wine..
steal some carrot while the chef checking the corn..
Or share today's gossip in the office.. or your stupid love story,
about your crazy boyfriend, your stupid date, the guy you talk online.. ANY.. ANY.. ANYTHING... 
You can share anything to the chef 
(It's actually strategy if you are lazy like me, instead of helping... you are sit next to them and keep talking)
Or munch the pringles and eat their banana..

can't wait.. can't wait... can't wait...
the smell fill up the whole house


After one hour..

A sexy goldie, bronzie, meaty, plummy, curvy chicken..
Jennifer Lopez, you may balik kampong coz this chicken is way sexier than you tonight.......

And definitely I know which part I want to put on my plate..

Another great thing about home cooked food,
you can adjust your portion too...
Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large or Extra Hungry..
and keep the left-over for chicken salad, or sandwich tomorrow..
(you dare to do that if you eat in restaurant...?)

mueheeheehhehee... no you don't..!

Jamie Oliver's book peeking out under the table..

Served with roasted corn, roasted carrot,
and mashed potato...

Could've upload the before eaten plate,
but I am way too hungry and my camera were pain in the ass with the light setting.
please bear with my half eaten yummy roasted chicken....

Don't get jealous...!!!!

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