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Sunday, 18 March 2012

After Run Breakfast

Solaris Dutamas
Kuala Lumpur

Like Solaris Dutamas very much,
My best friend choose a great place to live.
Shop, Supermarket, Drinking Place, Eating Place,
Clinic, Pharmasi, Mamak-Shop, Indian Curry House, 7-Eleven,
swimming pool, Taxi Stop, Jogging place in one step and walking distance.

So yes,
I have new running place now.
Maybe I can get free ice lemon tea after run..
convenient..!!! haha

Ikea stuff for decoration

I've been looking at this restaurant for a while,
I am in love with the interior
Fancy and chic..

very catchy
Too bad I didn't bring my camera, and I am shy taking picture of the restaurant with my
camera phone.

Some more so many people have their breakfast there,
sure they will look at me with  a weird look...

nice latte..

RM 10++

Scramble Eggs, toast, sauted mushroom and baked bean..
simple but nice

RM 18+++

mine, look scary
(I also don't know why I have an idea to order this)
Scramble eggs mixed with spinach and avocado (I guess...)
and feta cheese

but nice and filling up

RM 18++

nice view too...

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