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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sausages, Mashed Potato and Onion Gravy

At Home,
By my own hand...

There is a question why I like to cook western food rather than Asian food.
Do I really crazy about western food?
Actually NO. I love nasi lemak, I love ikan asam pedas, I love beef rendang, I love chicken satay..
I cook western food because its sooo easy to remember the ingredient.
Salt, Pepper.. and done..

You can imagine if you want to make rendang, or masak lemak cili api.
There are looong list spices and herbs to slices, to grind, to sauted, to add coconut milk, to keep stir, to simmer..
**you think I can remember all of them without fail?

so yeah, ha ha..
when I am at home alone, and I have nobody to have dinner with..
I cook as simple as I could. And this food taught by one of my friend.
The different, she use proper Italian sausages, with lot of bits inside.
Where I use cheap-stupid- Ayamas Jumbo Sausages..
**Carefour doesn't have nice Italian sausages. BIG or Mercato might have.

Here I would share how I cook
And Finally I can make a nice, soft mashed potato even just only with fork and bowl.

Mashed Potato :
- 3 Potatoes, choose the yellow / pink colour, and have very thin skin
   (don't ask me what is that, Australian or Russette potato I guess)
- Chives, choped well
- Fresh Milk ( 1/4 cup)
- Butter ( 1 spoon )

Boil potato with pinch of salt until soft. Drain well
Mixed with other ingredient.
mashed with fork

Onion Gravy :
- Half Yellow Onion, Slices in ring
- 3 cloves garlic, minced
- 2 tbs Heinz blackpepper sauces
- 1/2 cup water

Sauted onion and garlic with the left-over grease from the Sausages until wilted and soft.
Add in blackpepper sauces and water.
Leave it boil and thick

Ha ha, you think I will make blackpepper sauce from scratch..
No way,  I wont even dare to eat...

Oh well,
this is how I survive with food.
Creative isn't it..? =D

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