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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentines Day'2012

I want Bollinger,

but my pocket is empty...

have this instead

do I really celebrate it, or I just find excuse to buy this sparkling wine..


way too different..!

but It's OK..

**drink this straight from bottle and watch Anna Paquin played on non-sense vampire series we download from internet (true blood)
followed by another silly series, Elijah wood play with his stupid dog named Wilfred  :-)

anyway, the last series is cool.
Wilfred like to smoke bad stuff in bong, some smoke machine with bubble water.
Ha ha (did you ever seen dog smoke weed from bong..? no right..)

a bit sarcastic, take me couple times to understand what those stupid series about.
But after couple time watch, it is actually interesting.

Lastly we watch, raise planet of apes.
Another silly movie, monkeys become very smart from injection.
(I wish my cat could be smart too, I can ask him buy me some mie goreng downstairs)

Happy Valentine....!!!
*or whatever is this..

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